Set Sail to Ischia the best kept secret in the Bay of Naples; where the Neapolitans themselves holiday. Cruise around the island and let the water soothe you as the waves lap against the wood hull of the boat, under the radar luxury at its best. Dive into a delicious plate of pasta alle vongole served with a seaside view complete with a crisp white tablecloth and a perfectly chilled bottle of the local house white. Don’t forget to begin your lunch with bruschetta con pomodoro, an unforgettable local speciality all thanks to the mineral rich, volcanic soil. Pass a day at the unique thermal baths that only this island can offer soaking up the vitamin D along with the intangible magic for which Ischia is known. Climb aboard a Vespa and hang on tight as your local expert regales you with tales of long ago pirate ships and castles. It’s all true and the perfect story to accompany your late night digestivo of limoncello made from the sweetest, local lemons you ever did see.

Stay tuned to catch all the island magic! 

Dive into the crystal blue waters yourself.

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